Saturday 01-07-17


Lots of filling in done today! I love it when I’m able to fill in blank spaces, it makes it seem like so much more of an accomplishment.

For some reason I’m loving the fireflies. You can’t tell that they are fireflies in the actual puzzle, but since I’ve seen the movie A LOT I know that’s what they are. In the puzzle they’re just little balls of light. I’m not sure why but I think they look really cool in the image. The water is challenging at times because the colors waver back and forth and sometimes just change abruptly, but the challenge is part of the fun. If it were super easy I doubt I would be enjoying it as much.

I’m feeling the need to do another puzzle right now, but I’m not sure which one I want to do. Most of the puzzles I have here are 1000-3000 pieces, and I don’t have enough trays! They’re mostly being taken up with the remaining pieces of this behemoth. I brought home a puzzle from mom’s house that’s only 500 pieces, but I’m not sure it’s the one I want to do. I know, I make absolutely no sense. Hormones. Fickle old lady mind. Whatever. I have to be in the right mood to do certain puzzles. I don’t always have to make sense, or be sane 😉  I’ll figure it out. Maybe.


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