Matchbooks Collage

Matchbooks Collage by Maureen Rupprecht and Miranda Graham – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Was this puzzle ever fun!  I am a sucker for collage puzzles and this one was no different, so enjoyable! I had a lot of help with this one too – my husband and daughter and son-in-law pitched in. I forgot that I took this picture before the puzzle was technically finished. I told my daughter she could put in the last piece, so I left it out for her (that’s the piece on the right side). I took this picture and texted it to her so she would know it was waiting for her, but then once she put the piece in I forgot to take a picture of the COMPLETED puzzle. 😉

It was a joy to put together and I can’t recommend it enough. It was entertaining to read all the matchbook covers as it was being assembled (the things they used to put on a book of matches – Wow!) Most of the matchbooks were between 4 and 6 pieces, so it was almost like doing a bunch of tiny little puzzles. Loved it!

The White Mountain brand has some of the most amazing and fun collage puzzles. And their pieces are larger than most companies, so the 1000 piece puzzle is more impressive when finished, it feels like a bigger accomplishment.

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