Final Assembly Day!

The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle is finally put together! It was amazing to see the entire puzzle assembled, all 10 sections completed and connected. WOW! You can know the measurements in your head, but then seeing it in person is another thing altogether. It’s a beautiful puzzle, and it fit together perfectly; it was stunning in it’s enormity – I can hardly believe I did all that!


This is myself, mom, and my 3 children.  Not the best picture, but at least it gives you scale, that’s one enormous puzzle! When you look back at the pictures I took along the way, the every day updates, each section looks like your average size puzzle, nothing too extraordinary. This picture gives you a much better appreciation for just how large each section actually is!


So everyone there who was taking pictures was supposed to send them to me too, so I could pick the best ones for the blog. Of course no one has so far, so unfortunately the pictures I have aren’t the best ones from the day. The one above is a good one taken by a friend of my parents (although I’m unclear why my oldest son is crouched like a frog – he’s just got to be himself I guess!)

My husband arranged for a professional photographer to come and take pics of the puzzle, so I’m hoping when I get those they’ll be awesome pictures to share. 😎 We left the puzzle at the church Saturday night, and are going back to get more pictures today and to package it back up into it’s 10 sections. Hopefully in a day or so everyone will have forwarded me all the pictures and I can pick the best ones to show.

I was so nervous and anxious all morning! I can’t explain exactly why, but I was worried that a section would fall apart or something would go wrong.  (I’m a worrier – an almost Olympic level, award winning worrier) But everything went smoothly thank goodness! It’s hard to believe that this puzzle took up 6 months of my life! 😮


I have to say I’m pretty darn proud of myself! This is quite the accomplishment, and not a lot of people can say they’ve actually assembled the world’s largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle! I can – I did it!!

Again, tons of thanks to my dad and husband for doing all the heavy lifting and carting things around for the big day. And to mom for helping me make cookies and refreshments for everyone who came out to see the puzzle; to my 3 wonderful kids for showing up for mom’s weird puzzle day and being good sports about it. Thanks also to everyone who showed up to share my accomplishment today, it meant so much to me!

I’m hoping to have more pictures of the completed puzzle in the next few days to share with everyone, but at the very least I wanted to get a few of them in today’s post – because I promised I would.

I’m wiped out! Exhaustion has set in, I overdid it getting all of this set up and accomplished and will definitely be paying for it for the next few days – but it was worth it! This is not something that happens every day, so I wanted to enjoy it, and I did. I completed the Guinness World Record Largest Jigsaw Puzzle! I’m proud of myself, grateful to all my family and friends for their help, support, and encouragement; and thankful that I have this blog where I can share my puzzles with you.

I may be posting lots more pictures of the puzzle in the next few days, bear with me. I’m a proud momma who wants to show off her adorable overly large baby to everyone! 😉

One week to go!

cropped-712jbqy3n3l__sl1200_.jpgOne week from today we’re assembling Disney’s Memorable Moments! Friends and family have been invited, hall has been reserved, and I’m super excited! 🙂

I’m really excited to see every section put together and although in my head I know the measurements of the finished puzzle, it will be a different thing altogether to see it firsthand. Each section as it was completed seemed like an enormous puzzle on it’s own, and connecting them will be quite an awesome sight. 😮

I’m hoping to have an excellent picture that I’ll be able to put on the home page of the blog to replace the advertising image. Honestly though, how in the world do you get a good picture of a puzzle that’s 23 feet long and lying on the floor? I’m thinking we’re probably going to have to take a ladder. A camera rigged drone? (That made me laugh just thinking about it) Hopefully there’s a picture that turns out good enough to use here. I want a picture of myself lying or sitting on top of the puzzle, luckily the puzzle is so big the camera will have to be far enough away that it won’t be too close to my face. 😉

So if you’ve kept up with my blog and watched my progress on the “World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle”, it’s finally going to be completely assembled on Saturday June 17, 2017! Most likely I’ll post an update and pictures on Sunday, so stay tuned. 😎