Tuesday 01-03-17


Ariel and Eric are almost done, Sebastian and Scuttle are done, things are moving quickly! I even got the boat started. I wasn’t planning on getting that far today, but it’s trucking right along. Or perhaps I should say cruising instead, it’s more appropriate 🙂

It just looks like a regular size jigsaw puzzle, you can’t tell from the picture that it’s over 4 foot long and over 3 feet high. I keep trying to think of something to put on the board to show how big it actually is, and I draw a blank every time. I did take a picture of the first section with my husband’s longest golf club to show how large it was, but it loses something in the translation. If I were someone who liked having my picture taken I could lay down next to it to show you that I’m only 9 inches taller than the long side! But.. uh.. no one wants to see that, least of all me!!

When all 10 sections are complete it will be over 22 feet long and almost 6 1/2 feet high! That’s an enormous puzzle! It doesn’t seem so overwhelming doing it in 10 sections, but I think seeing them all attached and laid out on display will be a sight to see. Wow! And if things continue going at the same rate they have been I should be done in March sometime. I REALLY have to decide what I’m going to do with the puzzle when I’m finished! March is only 2 months away 😮



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