Model & The Muse

Model & The Muse – Get Your Jig On – 513 pieces

Get Your Jig On is a young puzzle company whose CEO contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing one of their puzzles. After checking out their website, and loving their message of diversity, sexual empowerment and freedom of expression – I said absolutely! I don’t actually “review” jigsaw puzzles here, I just write about puzzles I am doing or have done, but I give my honest opinion about their quality, images, and whether or not I enjoyed doing them.

I enjoyed this puzzle very much! The image isn’t overly graphic, it is tasteful and artistic and was a fun challenge to assemble. The only editing I did to the picture was to slightly blur the breast, otherwise the image is as shown. Right now the company has only 3 images to choose from, but I am told they have more shoots scheduled this month and will be adding to their catalog.

The pieces are quite thick (about the same thickness as Ravensburger) and have a slightly waxy finish. There are a good range of piece shapes and they fit together wonderfully without being too tight which is always nice. I prefer puzzles that you don’t have to force together.  There were 1 or 2 pieces where the cardboard backing was slightly split and there was a little bit of puzzle dust, but the overall quality is very good, and the puzzle is made in the USA. 🙂

The puzzle comes with a letter of authenticity, a picture of the puzzle image, a statement about why the image was chosen, and a short bio of all participants. If you’re conservative the box fits into a bookshelf and has a side that looks like a book sleeve.

It was more difficult than I expected, but a fun challenge nonetheless – and of course hubby wanted to help with this puzzle! 😉 It took me a couple of days, but I enjoyed the assembly and actually kind of fell in love with the artwork in the background as well. LOVE the skull painting on the right side of the picture!

In short I loved the image, the puzzle assembly was fun and challenging, the quality was better than I expected, and as an added bonus I really love what the company stands for!

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