Monday 01-02-17


Looking good! Got quite a bit done today even with a lot of breaks and resting. I love that I’m back actually doing a puzzle, matching colors and shapes. Excellent!

Flounder looks ok, but only from far away. Close up he looks odd, I can’t tell you why. Sometimes puzzles are like that for me. The flamingos, on the other hand, look amazing from close up AND far away. Again, no idea why. Menopausal hormones perhaps 😉

The flamingos were tough at the beginning, it took a bit of time. I got the faces put together quickly and then I was just stuck. Where to go from there? The pieces weren’t obvious. After a while I just started putting 2 pieces together that looked right and kept adding on. It doesn’t usually go that way for me, I usually have an idea where to start and where to go from there but I had some sort of brain cramp and couldn’t figure out what to do. Again, I choose to blame hormones. My poor, poor family.

Tomorrow I’m planning on starting Ariel and Eric. And probably Sebastian, because he’s exactly the same color as Ariel’s hair. I’m really enjoying this puzzle a lot, seems like a little more than any of the other sections. Again, I have no clue as to why. Not going to question it, just plan on enjoying the ride. I’m hoping that translates into the other sections left as well!



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