Songbird Garden

Songbird Garden by Johanna Basford – Buffalo Games – 500 pieces

Started and finished this puzzle today.  I love the colors, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a 500 piece puzzle.  It seemed unbelievably easy compared to the puzzle I’m currently working on 😉

I enjoy Buffalo Games puzzles, the fit is always very good, and there’s no guesswork as to whether a piece fits or not.  They also have the unique zig zag shape that I haven’t seen in any other puzzles.  It was very nice to be able to pull a bunch of pieces for a small section and be able to finish it quickly without having to look at the box or picture for assistance.

I apologize for the picture, the photo editor on my computer got upgraded, and the crop feature isn’t working properly (or more likely I don’t know how to work it properly) I wanted to crop and straighten it, but it keeps cutting off the top of the puzzle.  Grrrr!

Very nice puzzle, with lovely artwork. I haven’t come across this artist before, and I enjoyed the image and colors. Fun, easy puzzle – it’s nice to do something quick and easy for a change.  I’ve been kinda snobby about 500 piece puzzles, I prefer 1000 or more pieces.  But I’ve changed my tune.  It’s nice to work on a smaller puzzle that you can just enjoy and put together leisurely. I’ve already started my next 500 piece puzzle, a shaped Wizard of Oz puzzle.  Hope to have a completed picture for it soon!

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