Wasgij #22 Studio Tour

Wasgij Original #22 Studio Tour by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1500 pieces

You only get to see a tiny bit of the puzzle, I can’t give away the ending!  This lovely lady is shown on the box, so I’m not spoiling anything. This was my first Jumbo puzzle and first Wasgij – and I think I’m in love!

The pieces have a waxy feel which I adore.  I can’t help running my fingers over the completed pieces and when I pick up a piece to consider where it goes I rub my thumb over the top as well. They fit together wonderfully – not too tight and not too loose.  Goldilocks would say they are just right!  The finished image is almost seamless and I absolutely love the artwork.  Cartoon puzzles are a favorite of mine. Add all those traits up and these puzzles are just made for me! Why are there so many to choose from?  Why must I be tempted so?? Why don’t I have more money to spend on puzzles???

It is an entertaining challenge to figure out what everyone on the box is looking at, and always funny when you get things finished.  The artwork is not childish at all, and it’s so much fun to see things start to come together as you figure out what exactly you’re assembling. Sometimes I challenge myself with a regular puzzle and put the box away so I can assemble it without an image to go by.  I do like a good challenge!

After completing this puzzle I went a little bit insane and ordered 22 more Wasgijs (that was all I could find at the time). There is almost a 5 foot tall stack of Wasgij puzzles in my closet waiting to be done. My husband is a saint I think😉

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