Saturday 10-01-16

Got lots accomplished today! Made a huge dent in the filmstrip; there is still much to do but it’s taking shape and looking awesome. I know what the dimensions of this section of the puzzle are supposed to be, but knowing it and seeing it are two different things. 😮 Putting the filmstrips approximately where they belong in the puzzle made me realize what a GIANT task I have set for myself!

It’s HUGE!  But looking very nice.

I’ll have to put something on the board with tomorrow’s picture for scale, so that the size is easier to see.

Lots and lots of Snow White!

In addition, I started and finished the 300 piece Dowdle puzzle from the thrift store. Not bad quality, loose fitting, but very sturdy pieces. This was the first Dowdle brand puzzle I’ve worked, and I enjoyed both the artwork and the quality – and it was very nice to complete an entire puzzle! I will definitely need to continue working other smaller puzzles while working on the Disney. It’s helpful to take a break and walk away when I’m feeling stuck and can’t seem to find pieces I’m looking for. It was nice today to go sit down and work on an easy puzzle that didn’t take too much concentration.

Winter by Eric Dowdle – Dowdle Folk Art Puzzles 300 pieces

I’m hoping to have the filmstrip finished tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to sit for longer than 5-10 minutes at a time. I may start another secondhand puzzle as well! We have found our 2nd “Talking Jigsaw Puzzle” by Buffalo Games at a local thrift store. My husband and I had a really good time with the first one – The Fitness Center; and I may start working The Office Building tomorrow. It’s an interesting twist, like a logic puzzle within a jigsaw puzzle. Like a Wasgij or What If puzzle, the picture on the box is not the picture you puzzle; you have to figure out by what the people in the picture are saying where they fit in the puzzle. With The Office Building, you have to find out what floor and room each of the windows belongs to. It’ll be a nice distraction.

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