Sunday 10-02-16

Not a good puzzling day for me 😦  I was really hurting and unable to sit or stand to work on the puzzle for more than a few minutes at a time. I was able to finish the filmstrip though, and a little bit more. I moved everything approximately where it belongs in the puzzle, and it’s starting to look like the scene in the picture!

Getting there, little by little!

I added some blue to Snow White’s sleeves, and was able to lay in bed with a few trays of blue pieces and put together most of the four bluebirds, they’re so cute!

3 of the bluebirds, only about 40 pieces, but every lit bit helps!


Still plenty of holes in the filmstrip, but everything I had pulled was put together, yay! The 4th bluebird is hanging on the edge.

I didn’t work on the puzzle as much as I would have liked today, but I’m certain there will be better days when I’ll be able to put in some serious puzzle time. It’ll be a long haul regardless, so best to just relax and enjoy whatever I am able to accomplish.

I was overwhelmed by the puzzle at first, 4000 pieces is a whole lot! The largest puzzle I have ever completed prior to starting this one is a 2000 piece Ravensburger. I have in my pile of puzzles to be done several 3000 and 4000 piece puzzles, but they are still boxed up and waiting for me to get to them. Why I decided to jump from 2000 to 40,000 pieces I do not know, but I know I can do it. I seem to be settling down and getting used to the size of this section, and am no longer intimidated. Every piece I add is one piece closer to finishing!

I’m enjoying this blog as well, more than I thought I would. It’s nice to be able to “talk” about my progress and post pictures, without having to force friends and family to look at pictures on my phone and listen to me yap about it. This way, if they want to see how it’s coming along they can check it out on their own time, no pressure from me. I hope you are enjoying my puzzle exploits too! And a great big thanks to my son-in-law for setting up the blog for me, you are very much appreciated!

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