Lights, Camera – Puzzle!

Lights, Camera – Puzzle! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This was the companion image to the 3D puzzle that I posted back in March 2022. It was a difficult image for me, and I found myself constantly checking the online image to see where the tiny things made of two pieces went.

This one was apparently too hard for hubby as well, because after many days of no progress I had to take it out of the bathroom and work on it under better lighting in the puzzle room. Oh well, that’s alright, it got completed, and it must have been somewhat entertaining because I didn’t just give up on it.

All recollections were either typed up when I composed the draft of this post, or found from my blurb on the completed puzzles page of the blog. Thank goodness there’s something around to jog this aged old memory!

Love a double sided image!

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