Jungle Selfies – Day 4

Jungle Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Our final day of jungle selfies has come, and that will be the end of the ridiculous life stories of these adorable jungle animals. I’m sure some of you come to see the cute puzzles, some enjoy the off-her-rocker bios that Stacey dreams up – and some of you may enjoy both. Today’s the last day for a while, until we get to the next set (providing the next set has subject matter that includes faces, that is).

Even if they aren’t premium quality, these sets by Cra-Z-Art are still well made and enjoyable to assemble; and that’s enough for me. I highly recommend you give them a try if you’re of a mind to, I find them charming, relaxing, fun, funny, and overall just great puzzles – especially if you’re needing a break from larger piece counts.

Have I convinced you yet?

Chuck here is a sweet soul full of kindness, giving, and good thoughts for every creature he knows. Unfortunately he’s about as intelligent as a box of hair….maybe slightly less so. Luckily his friends all keep an eye on him and protect him from those who might want to take advantage. Chuck earns his living as a mailroom employee at one of the jungle’s biggest corporations. He is happy there, and has no plans to move up in the organization or change jobs. He’s content.

I think I may envy Chuck, just a little bit.

Brad and Cassi, also known as Brassi to their besties are the most adorable couple in their circle of friends. What matters most to them is making sure that they’ve always got each other’s backs; it’s the two of them united no matter what happens. Brad and Cassi work together from home; their Etsy shop (selling handmade safari hats) is flourishing and they’ve even hired a few employees to do the bulk of the work. Their semi-retirement years are upon them and they’re making the most of it!

The Jungle Joyriders are a “biker gang” that rides around helping their fellow creatures and spreading positivity; you’ve already met a few of them, beautiful souls that care about others and love speeding across the country on their custom rides. Their holiday parties are legendary, and one of these days I’m hoping to be lucky enough to wrangle an invite to one of their New Year’s Eve blowouts. Wish me luck, maybe it’ll be this year!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our trip through the twisted mind of your friendly neighborhood Puzzle Goddess. It’s a weird place, I know – but you get used to it. 😎

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