Jungle Selfies – Day 3

Jungle Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

This set of selfies was lots of fun, partly because of the varying sizes and interesting shapes. With some sets you get many that are close to all being the exact same shape, so some variety made this one a little more interesting for me.

If you’re new here and haven’t seen any of these puzzles before, they’ve got colored backing so that if you choose you can separate each one by color. If you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge you can forget the backing and assemble these like a 500 piece puzzle made up of smaller shaped puzzles. The quality is good/very good and there are many different kinds of images to choose from: teacups, butterflies, unicorns, birds, animals, cottages, etc. There’s something for pretty much any taste, and I definitely recommend checking them out if they look like something you might enjoy.

These names and small bios for each puzzle are just something I do because it amuses me, and hopefully it amuses a reader or two as well.

Kimmie is an exotic dancer at the local “gentlemen’s club”. She is working her way through school and hopes to one day be a doctor of neurolinguistics and a psychiatrist. She is an expert in seeming to be the dullest cat in the room, and learns much more from careful observation of others than she does from her textbooks. Not all those who work as dancers are simpletons with issues; Kimmie has a great head on her shoulders and is going places!

Best friends Magdalena and Geraldine can usually be found together out on the savannah, they’re tried and true compatriots. They’re still young and in school, but I have no doubt that one day they’ll grow to be amazing ladies. Magdalena hopes to be a wildlife photographer (her height should give her photographs excellent perspective); Geraldine just wants to grow up to be a great mother (like her own mom). With true friends like each other in their respective corners, I’m certain they’ll both achieve their goals.

Geoffrey is the music and choir teacher at Jungle Junior College, and bringing beautiful music into the world is his true passion. The kids try his patience at times, but in the end he helps his students find a love for music – we need more teachers like Geoffrey in the world. He loves learning to play different musical instruments, and is currently working on mastering the theremin – it’s quite difficult with to play with wings!

8 thoughts on “Jungle Selfies – Day 3

  1. Deb

    Aww… I love the best friends!
    The puzzle I just completed (Galison’s Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel) had three 250 piece sections and each section had its own colored backing. First time I’ve ever worked on a puzzle that had that. Kind of felt like cheating but with so many similar looking pieces it really helped.

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