Jungle Selfies – Day 1

Jungle Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Oh no! She’s back with more individual puzzles and silly names and backstories! Sorry (not sorry) guys. 😇

These sets of mini puzzles from Cra-Z-Art are perfect for me when I’m wanting to sit and do some jigsaw puzzling but don’t have the physical stamina to be at it for very long. Once they’re all sorted by their colored backing I can just grab a bunch of pieces and put together one or more little puzzles and feel as though I’ve accomplished something before I have to go back to bed to rest.

If I’m working on a larger piece count puzzle (1000 or 2000 pieces) it doesn’t always feel as though I’ve gotten much done if I’m unable to sit for long periods; these little ones help me to get the satisfaction of having completed something without too much physical or mental strain.

Without any further ado……bring on the ridiculousness!

Meet Wendel everyone; he’s an inquisitive guy who loves learning something new every day. Wendel is a professional student who’s been attending classes his entire adult life. His favorites have been Cryptozoology, Underwater Basket Weaving, The History of Surfing, and Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. He’s currently courting a beautiful graduate student, and perhaps one day soon there will be thousands of little polliwogs swimming around with Wendel’s love of knowledge!

Alek is a phlebotomist at the Jungle Infirmary, and he’s always trying to make the patients feel better with his funny stories and wonderful bedside manner. He’s saving up to buy his own home so that he can finally move out of his parent’s basement. (Between you and me, I don’t think he’ll ever move out – he’s got it too good!)

Philimena is a makeup demonstrator at the local department store, and loves “beautifying the world” through her work. She fancies herself an up-and-coming instagram model, and is always trying to look her best. She spends hours in front of her many mirrors and never leaves the house without her hair and makeup looking perfect. Philimena has no hobbies other than making herself look good. She’s a vapid little twit.

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