I’m Falling Behind…

Today’s post was supposed to be the start of the Jungle Selfies, but I haven’t been able to get myself out of bed and in front of the computer to write up all the posts yet. I tried this morning, but my work-from-home husband is talking to himself, typing so loudly you’d think he hates the keyboard with a fiery passion, and in general making it so that I cannot hear myself think. How I wish our house were big enough that he could have a home office to himself!

So, I’m behind in writing up posts.

Only one of the twelve adorable selfies has a name and backstory, and honestly it isn’t great or nearly polished enough. I tried to keep going, but the ruckus my husband was making had me daydreaming about peeling the skin off his face or shoving bamboo shoots under his fingernails rather than cute names and silly job titles for the sweet-faced jungle selfie puzzles.

Sorry. I’m blaming almost all of it on my bleeping husband and his aggressive typing and need to narrate his life as it happens. How will I survive when he retires? Or rather, will he survive?

Tomorrow will be a post about an actual jigsaw puzzle, I promise.

7 thoughts on “I’m Falling Behind…

  1. Eileen

    I’ve been reading up on your posts and found this one. I am also very sensitive to noise around me to be able to focus. Getting sound canceling headphones (over ear) has been a lifesaver (sanity saver) for keeping the peace in a crowded household with WFH people.


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