Eggcellent – Buffalo (Vivid Collection) – 1000 pieces

This bright, beautiful, colorful puzzle was truly a joy to assemble. I always enjoy having blocks or sections of color or patterns to work with, and this was perfect for me! 💜💛🧡

The quality of this Buffalo puzzle was stellar, you can see in the picture above what a great fit it had, and the reproduction was beautiful. As always there are a variety of piece shapes and the cut itself was excellent. I think this is the best quality puzzle of this brand that I’ve assembled in a while.

I don’t always remember to get holiday puzzles done in time, but thankfully this beauty showed up at the right moment and I remembered (which is a small miracle in itself) that the holiday was coming up. I’m pretty proud of myself actually. 😊

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate the holiday. I hope whether you’re celebrating or not that you have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy puzzling my friends! 🧩💖

10 thoughts on “Eggcellent

  1. Sandra

    Definitely beautiful! Eggs and Spring are signs of new life which are key to Easter and Passover. It’s a coincidence that Ramadan is at the same time this year too – it occurs every 11 months, so never the same time each year. Enjoy and rejoice!

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