Hansel and Gretel Beware!

Hansel and Gretel Beware! by Dean MacAdam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

This gorgeous image by Dean MacAdam was even more fun than I thought it would be – and I thought it would be GREAT fun! There are two other images by this artist that Ravensburger has out right now, and I think the money in my wallet is straining to get out and buy them for me. 😇

Of course it was great quality, and every time I assemble a Ravensburger it makes me want to do even more of their puzzles. Perhaps there’s some sort of addictive additive in the puzzle dust? Or it could be that it’s just the fantastic puzzles that make me want more. You can see in the above image that the fit is excellent and the piece shapes don’t overpower the look of the completed puzzle. Excellent quality all around.

Creepy bunny here really stood out to me from the first moment I saw the artwork. Love it!

The artwork by Dean MacAdam is absolutely fantastic. It looks too dark around the sides when you’re sorting it, but as you get familiar with the puzzle you begin to see that they’re not just dark and you can tell approximately where the pieces should go. It was definitely my kind of image, and so much fun to get to know this puzzle and reassemble it.

Like the look of this one? It was so entertaining, I adored it! 💖

10 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel Beware!

  1. Perhaps there’s some sort of addictive additive in the puzzle dust?” So funny!!! 🤣

    The image reproduction looks excellent! And the contrast between the dark border and the bright cottage scene is really cool, it sorta hints at maybe sinister things to come! Eep! 😮

    Are the other two images by Dean MacAdam also fairy tale related?

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  2. Tayo G

    Nice image. Glad to know the border was not too dark. I’m not really drawn to dark images because I don’t have proper puzzle lighting .I guess that’s why I haven’t been tempted to try any of the Ravensburger villanous jigsaw. They all seem so dark.
    Ravensburger is a quality brand any day.
    Hmm I’m buying into the puzzle dust theory.😄
    I don’t think I’ve done any of their puzzles and not liked it. I find myself always comparing other brands to them.
    Well my first ever jigsaw was a Ravensburger so maybe I’m a bit partial.

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