Eggcellent – Buffalo (Vivid Collection) – 1000 pieces

This bright, beautiful, colorful puzzle was truly a joy to assemble. I always enjoy having blocks or sections of color or patterns to work with, and this was perfect for me! 💜💛🧡

The quality of this Buffalo puzzle was stellar, you can see in the picture above what a great fit it had, and the reproduction was beautiful. As always there are a variety of piece shapes and the cut itself was excellent. I think this is the best quality puzzle of this brand that I’ve assembled in a while.

I don’t always remember to get holiday puzzles done in time, but thankfully this beauty showed up at the right moment and I remembered (which is a small miracle in itself) that the holiday was coming up. I’m pretty proud of myself actually. 😊

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate the holiday. I hope whether you’re celebrating or not that you have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy puzzling my friends! 🧩💖

Eggcellent In Progress

Eggcellent – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Yesterday I finished sorting this beauty of a puzzle and completed the border as well. I have a couple of the eggs done, but there are many more to go. They’re all so bright and colorful, and I’m certain it’s going to be an eggcellent assembly!

I am very much looking forward to working on it today, and my plan is to put on my headphones and listen to music and block out the rest of the world. Here’s hoping it works – even for just a little while – I need a break. A break from people…and talking…and thinking…and phone calls, texts, noises, alarms, questions and all of the cacophony of this world that seems to be everywhere all the time.

Time with some wonderful music and a beautiful puzzle is exactly what I need. 🎶🧩🎶


Candylicious by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo (Vivid Collection) – 300 pieces

Longtime readers will remember that my favorite puzzle artist is Aimee Stewart, her use of color is stunning and her shelf puzzles have provided me with hours and hours of enjoyment. The very first time I attempted a 2000 piece puzzle it was her beautiful artwork that gave me the confidence to even give it a try. Her puzzles make me happy!

The Buffalo Vivid Collection puzzles are true to their name – the colors are so vivid! I’ve done several, and they’ve all been fabulous quality with exceptional image reproduction. They are highly recommended. Very highly.

Love all the gummy bears, especially the ones that have different colored heads! I’ve never come across any like that in the wild, have you?

That looks like the most refreshing slushy ever. With my inner child deciding to play with matches – causing serious hot flashes – this drink would be most welcome at my house. Yum!

I adore the look of these candies, for some reason that I seem unable to put into words at the moment. Suffice it to say that I simply love the artwork of Aimee Stewart and even though I don’t recall specifically this assembly, I can say with absolutely certainty that there isn’t one little bit of this image that wasn’t entertaining to assemble. She is a puzzle artist goddess and her work makes me extremely happy!