Classic Movies

Classic Movies – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

My oldest son and I put this one together in about two and a half hours, and we had a great time with it! I love a collage puzzle, and he LOVES old movies – the perfect combination.

This was the only puzzle I received this year for Christmas; he bought it for me but it’s being glued for him to put up on the wall in his room. He’s good about getting puzzles for me that he’d like to keep – but he also wants to assemble them with me – that’s the real gift. 💝

The fit on this Re-marks puzzle was extremely loose, it made it a bit difficult at times. I’m not thrilled with the recent update they’ve done with their chipboard; it’s very slick feeling on the back and if I’m not careful it slides right off the board when I’m trying to get pictures. Frustrating!

Dracula is my son’s favorite movie out of the 39 in this image, and mine is Rear Window. To be honest there are only eight movies that I’ve seen – what an uncultured swine I am! My son has seen fifteen of them, almost twice as many as I have. But to be fair he’s been a movie buff since he was very young – and he loves the classics; the movies he hasn’t seen he still has a wealth of facts stored in his brain about each one. He can tell you so much information about movies it would make your head spin!

Anatomy of a Murder (middle image) is a movie that makes me think of mom; I remember her telling me how scandalous it was when it came out. It’s a courtroom drama dealing with a rape and there were words used that had previously never been spoken in American films such as “contraceptive”, “climax”, and “spermatogenesis”. And apparently the talk of a woman’s underwear being torn off was quite racy in 1959. Oh my. If only those pearl clutchers could see the movies we have today. Yikes. Double yikes!

I loved puzzling with someone side by side again, that hasn’t happened much since mom died – I miss it. And I’m thankful my baby boy decided to come out of his room for a couple of hours and spend some time with his old mom. It made my day. 💖

14 thoughts on “Classic Movies

  1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    Jigsaw Puzzle Day is tomorrow, right? Do you know of any puzzle company sites that are offering any special deals on their puzzles? A few years ago (and darn that I missed it 😪 ) Buffalo puzzle did free s/h on orders of $25 for Puzzle Day.

    (I am aware that Barnes & Noble is doing buy 1 puzzle get 1 puzzle 50% off)

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      1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

        LMK if you find any good deals 🙂 White Mountain Puzzles is doing free s/h on $40 orders (I won’t be doing that) and New York Puzzle Co is doing buy 2 puzzles get 2 free (I won’t be doing that one either as I’m not that crazy about their puzzle image catalog)

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      2. Anonymous Puzzle Person

        Agreed, I’m the same way, I have to love the images. At the Barnes & Noble buy 1 get 1 50% off puzzle sale (which seems to be a month long sale event) hubby & I bought that WMP Sunday Cartoon Puzzle and the Re-marks Umbrella/Rainy Day one. Love both those images.

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      3. Anonymous Puzzle Person

        P.S. I *wish* Puzzle Twist was having a National Puzzle Day sale. I have a couple of their puzzles and they are so much fun to assemble. There are quite a few more I’d love to have but at $22 bucks a pop plus shipping, it’s just too much. If they were offering free s/h I would have treated myself to one of their puzzles. But they seem to be a very small company so it might not be in their best interest to be giving away shipping.

        I am surprised to hear that you don’t shop for puzzles often, whether it be on-line, in an actual retail store, or a thrift store as you seem to have sooooooooooo many puzzles and (you’ve mentioned in the past week that you have) sooooooooooo many posts queued up and ready to go. It seems that when you are in the mood, you really treat yourself though as you’ve mentioned before, for example, buying nearly all the mini wooden puzzles Wentworth had at one point 😉

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