Playful Parrots

Playful Parrots – Unidragon – 291 pieces

This was quite a fun puzzle to put together; challenging enough to keep me engaged, with beautiful colors – I wish the quality and attention to detail were better.

Unidragon is a newer puzzle company, their pieces are about the thickness of a Wentworth puzzle, but the wood used doesn’t feel as dense (if that makes sense). It’s a very good fit for a wooden puzzle, the piece shapes aren’t overly obvious in the finished image – no huge gaps. The piece shapes are interesting and not the usual cardboard puzzle shapes, which makes for a more entertaining assembly.

There were a good amount of whimsies for a 300 piece puzzle. Lots of interesting birds, fruits, and flora and fauna. The dragon at the top curled around the puzzle piece is the Unidragon logo.

My fellow puzzle blogger Nicola sent this to me in a puzzle swap, and in her post about this puzzle she wasn’t sure of one of the shapes (the one just below the butterfly and above the parrot with the crest feathers standing up) – it’s a dragon fruit. I had to look it up to be sure, but I’m confident that’s what it is. If I didn’t watch The Great British Bake Off I wouldn’t have known what it was either, I’ve never cooked with it – and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in a store!

The design of the pieces makes it so that you don’t have to put the birds in the order that is shown on the box, the ends of the branch for each one is shaped the same so that they can be moved around in any order you like. Very cool!

This puzzle also came with eight extra pieces so that if you wanted to, you could put each parrot on it’s own perch. Four for each side – all exactly the same. The problem with the extra ends…..the image on the pieces that allows you to put each bird on it’s own branch weren’t quite aligned properly with the image on the puzzle itself – you can clearly see that they don’t match up.

These pictures show the two problems I had with this puzzle. Left shows that images don’t align and chipping off of the image. Right is more image chipping.

This puzzle was sent to me by a friend, and it had only been assembled once before me. Wooden puzzles are more expensive because they are sturdier – you are supposed to be able to assemble them more than once – over and over, in fact. If after one assembly this is what happens then I’m not that impressed with the quality.

The first wooden puzzle I ever bought myself has probably been assembled and disassembled six or seven times so far – not one piece has any part of the image coming off. Are my standards are too high? I don’t really think so. If I’m going to spend a larger part of my puzzle budget on a wooden puzzle, I expect that I will be able to put it together several times and that it will hold up well.

If it doesn’t, it isn’t worth it.

Many, many thanks to Nicola for throwing this in with our swap. I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this – problems and all. 🧡

8 thoughts on “Playful Parrots

  1. Elise

    Thanks for the review. I have a big Unidragon set in my stash. I recently worked on a Peaceful Wooden and there are a lot of paint chips! I agree, for that much money, the puzzle needs to be durable.

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  2. You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the dragon fruit tip, I googled it, and I’ve definitely seen it in supermarkets, although I’ve never tried one. The Unidragon puzzles are pretty reasonably priced for wooden puzzles, so it may well be that the quality is not what it should be. The damage may have happened when I took the puzzle apart, or perhaps during shipping when the pieces were sliding around in the box. There was originally a piece of sackcloth in the box, but I threw it away because it was shedding. I should probably have put something else in the box instead to prevent the pieces from rubbing against each other, sorry! Anyway, I also think it’s reasonable to expect wooden puzzles to start chipping that soon.

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  3. Sandra

    I love the colors and subject of Unidragon, but I have not had any of their puzzles. I subscribe to a wooden puzzle club and they are shipped around the country through the USPS which is known to be less than gentle with packages. In all the 50+ puzzles, from several manufacturers, that I have done through this club, the puzzles rarely have any image chipping or peeling even though the pieces are shifting around in their box. I think it’s just the quality of manufacturing.

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