National Puzzle Day 2022!

Happy National Puzzle Day my friends and fellow P.A.D.S. sufferers! Today is the day to enjoy whatever kind of puzzle that makes you happy; crosswords, sudoku, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Of course you know which is my favorite – my beloved jigsaw puzzles. 💜

National Puzzle day is also the day I talk about those I love who made me the Puzzle Goddess that I am today. I’ve talked about Mom and Grama in past years, and this year I’m going to tell you about some others who have been there for me – especially during the dark time in the past year and a half that I left my puzzles for a while.

My daughter doesn’t do many puzzles, but she is always on the lookout for ones I’d like and loves to surprise me with a great puzzle for no reason other than she loves me. She listens to me talk about them even though she isn’t nearly as interested in them as I am, and reads my blog every day. If there’s a fun puzzle on the board when she comes to visit she’ll sit down and work on it with me for a little while – it makes me happier than I can express, though I wish she had more time for visits and puzzling. She’s been a wonderful friend to me since we both lost my mom, and we’ve both leaned on each other whenever we need to. I love her to puzzle pieces and I’m so proud to be her mom! 💗

My friend and fellow puzzle blogger Penny is another who has helped me tremendously, especially when I wasn’t blogging or even touching puzzles. She was always nudging me back towards my puzzles and the blog, even when I wanted nothing to do with them at all; she knew exactly how much to push and when to back off. If it weren’t for her I’m not sure if I would have come back to the blog and my jigsaw puzzles when I did (or perhaps at all). She’s been a true, dear friend to me even though we’ve never met in person, and she is the one to thank for helping me come back to the hobby I love so much – even though “thank you” doesn’t quite cover it. She’s a fellow P.A.D.S. sufferer, a member of the puzzle posse, and a true blue friend. 💙

So whether you have a posse of your own, or prefer to puzzle by yourself I hope you spend at least a little time today with whatever type of puzzle makes you happy. I think I’ll work on a jigsaw puzzle for at least a little while today, as I’m reflecting on those who have loved and supported me and helped me become the proud puzzle geek I am today.

Love, hugs, and peaceful puzzling my friends!

6 thoughts on “National Puzzle Day 2022!

  1. Liana

    Happy National Puzzle Day to you!
    Love your daily blog and am so glad you found your way back to puzzling and posting.
    I have gone back through so many of your posts and my favourite are when you shared your stories of you and your Mom.

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