The Seven Chakras – Day 2

This is the second chakra, Svadhishthana, the sacral chakra. It was also the last one I completed. The edges of this puzzle were quite difficult for me, even when there were only edges left. Thankfully hubby came in at the end when I was feeling stupid and like my brain didn’t work – and he finished up the edges for me. My hero! 💖

It may seem when you look at the all the completed puzzles together that they would be easy to sort, and some were. But this one and the elephant – the colors around the edges seemed very close to each other and I had many pieces in the wrong pile. So even though they are the first and second chakras, they were the sixth and seventh to be completed.

These aren’t wooden puzzles where the piece shapes are very evident in the finished image, therefore you cannot tell how much is going on within the pieces until you see the back…

Here we have three yoga poses, the symbol for this chakra, and lots of other baubles and doohickeys. It was a more complicated assembly than it seems if you only see the front of the puzzle. You can also see some symmetrical shapes that tell you there’s another image that you can make with the pieces. Before you scroll down can you find all the pieces to make two fish? 🐠🐠

The fish took me a few minutes, and I probably could have pulled out the flower around the chakra symbol too, but you can’t always see what shapes will form until you’re finished – and I still had to take a picture of all the puzzles together! So with each puzzle that was finished I had to carefully take out the pieces to show you the whimsies and then put them back in when I was done. It seemed like too much work to pull out that flower, so I didn’t. My apologies.

These puzzles seriously taxed my brain! I love that they weren’t too easy, but honestly this particular puzzle seemed to have me over a barrel at the end, thank goodness my husband came to the rescue. (I would have gotten there eventually, but it was so sweet that he wanted to help) 🤗

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