Pretty Kitties 4

Pretty Kitties by Keith Kimberlin – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Our last day of the Pretty Kitties, and to be honest I’m so glad! I’m just not a cat person, and although these little ones are exceptionally cute they’re just not the subject matter I prefer. I’m sure you could tell by their backstories, it was difficult for me at times to come up with anything to say, they just aren’t that inspiring for this little old lady who prefers dogs. Oh well, I enjoyed the puzzle aspect of them and that’s what truly matters here at My Jigsaw Journal.

I hope some of you have been inspired to give one of these sets of small shaped puzzles a try, they really are enjoyable to play with. Taking a small pile of pieces and in a few minutes having a complete little puzzle is so satisfying and feels like an achievement; and they’re great when you don’t have a lot of time to sit and puzzle. I adore smaller puzzles, and these are terribly cute – even I have to admit that. 😸

This color is awful, honestly it’s like a bad 70s outfit. Mirielle here doesn’t mind though, she’s a budding designer who loves all things fashion. Her style is quite bold, as you can see, and she loves to shock with her mix of fabrics and textures. She’s hoping to attend the Massachu-catts College of Art and Design to study both design and merchandising. I’m not sure Mirielle will make it as a designer, but you never know – there’s no accounting for taste.

This is one of my favorites; love the color of this purse and the big, chunky beads. This is Pamela, and she is very regimented in her ways. For example, she has this bag because it matches her eyes – things have to match! It will come as no surprise that she’s going to college for a degree in mathematics; because rules are rules and there’s no changing them for math. I’m not sure how she’s going to use her degree, but hopefully if she becomes a teacher she can learn to relax a little bit. Sometimes bending the rules is necessary, and life doesn’t have to be so rigid. Perhaps Pamela might benefit from some yoga or meditation, or a fun partner who is a bit more adventurous. 😉

And lastly we have Herman. He’s that guy in high school who knew he was good looking, he’s kind of a …… lady’s feminine hygiene product one might use on a summer’s eve. All the girls think he’s awesome, and they call him Herm. He’s not awesome, he’s a lazy user who gets what he wants by stepping on and over other people. I hope Herm changes his ways very soon, if not, he’ll probably be a politician, the worst kind of politician. Ugh. Other people are important Herman, everyone is important to someone – grow up!

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