Rainy Day

Rainy Day – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

This was my first 1000 piece puzzle since I got my some of my mojo back, and the worst part was opening the box and seeing that very big pile of pieces – it was a bit overwhelming. But because this is a collage, it wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. Thankfully it was a joy to assemble and helped get me back in the swing of things. 🧩💗

Re-marks is about middle-tier quality (in my opinion), and they’ve got a great catalog of collages to choose from. In that sense, they’re about where I place White Mountain puzzles on my list; there are sometimes quality issues, but it’s easier to deal with when I’m in love with the image – which is how I usually feel about collages.

Re-marks puzzles can sometimes have a LOT of puzzle dust and hanging chads on the pieces, and occasionally the fit is loose or wonky. Only once has there been an issue with the image reproduction, otherwise the images are usually very nice. Overall though, they’re good puzzles and I love their catalog.

These are 3 of my favorites, the pattern on the background in the left was easy to pick out, and the whole image is very calm and pretty. LOVE was the most difficult of the three – at least for me. And the musical notes and rain in the background were so fun to assemble!

I almost wish this has been made into a 2000 piece puzzle, each block was so entertaining that it would have been great for them to be even bigger.

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