Pretty Kitties 3

Pretty Kitties by Keith Kimberlin – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Alright, even dog people have to admit that this set of kittens is pretty darn adorable. I’m a dog person, and still my initial response to seeing these three is to say “Awwww”. So very cute!

I’m not a huge fan of the regular Cra-Z-Art puzzles, but these shaped sets bring big smiles to my face. Some of the sets can be a little boring, but most of them are fun both to look at and to assemble. The quality is good, and they make for an uncommonly entertaining time putting them together.

This is Marvin. He’s tired, life as a growing boy is exhausting. You know how those teenage years can be for boys, they’re always tired, sleeping, or hanging out in their filthy rooms. Marvin is a midfielder for his soccer team, and has no idea what to be when he grows up. He’s playing things by ear for now, waiting for luck and opportunity to collide. He isn’t great with his studies at the moment, there are lots of pretty female kitties out there to look at and try to talk to. Priorities, Marvin. Get it together!

Love the color of this purse, it pops! Such a vibrant color for such a shy looking kitten. Meet Brigitte, she seems bashful and most other cats overlook her and pay her no attention. She uses this to observe without being too obvious. Then she uses those observations to create stories and characters for her future great American novel. Kitten-watching is her favorite pastime, along with writing short stories and studying for her college boards. She has big, big dreams and she will achieve them!

I love these boots, and so does our last kitten for the day, Freya. She’s a blue-eyed beauty who plans to become a super-model. She’s not looking for long-term fame, just to make her fortune so that she can spend the rest of her days relaxing in early retirement. Freya has educated herself about finances, and plans to be smart with her money now so that later in life it can work for her instead of the other way around. She’s got a good head on her shoulders for such a young kitty – and she’s planning to be retired by the ripe old age of 5. We’re rooting for you Freya!

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