Freak Shakes 2

Freak Shakes – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Although these are shakes that would NEVER find their way to my table at a restaurant, they’re lovely to look at – and assemble! In fact, these most likely are designed as images only. I’ve never seen anything like these out in the world. Have you?

I love these puzzle sets, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. You’ve heard it all before. Cra-Z-Art is not a “premium quality” puzzle company, but they have these fantastic sets of small shaped puzzles that bring me much joy. I don’t need them to be the world’s most fantastic quality – just need them to have good enough quality to be enjoyable, and available for me to play with. 😎

This doesn’t even look appetizing to me. How would you pick up the glass to drink it? There are sprinkles and candies everywhere on the outside of the glass. Am I overthinking this? Probably. It was fun to put together regardless of whether or not I would actually drink it.

The colors of this one are beautiful, even better in person than my picture shows. The rainbow strip of candy (it’s name escapes me at the moment) adds a nice touch – especially the part all scrunched up on a stick. Very cute!

This looks like a shake for Valentine’s Day. Pink and red with hearts and love everywhere. Blech. Cranky old lady is back. It looks like a Pepto Bismol shake. Plus, look at all the crap on the outside of this glass! Yuk.

Sorry, back to this puzzle. Despite it sickly sweet appearance, it was a little more challenging to assemble than I bargained for, but it was enjoyable even with it’s difficulty.

2 thoughts on “Freak Shakes 2

  1. Unfortunately, these shakes are not entirely imaginary, just google “freakshake” and look at the images. It was a fad a few years ago. I remember thinking how stupid it was to overfill the glass so that everything would be sliding down the sides and making a mess. I would never order anything like this, either. Anyway, the rainbow strip candies are called dragon tongues (Drachenzungen) in Germany 🙂

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    1. I cannot imagine why anyone would want a shake like these. Oh well. I guess that’s part of aging, you just don’t always understand the next generation.

      Dragon Tongues, what a great name! I don’t think they’re called that here, but they should be. 🐉


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