Freak Shakes 1

Freak Shakes – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

My phone tells me that I started working on these in February of this year (that’s when I took a picture of me sorting them). Yikes. In my mind it was only a couple of months ago – not more than half a year! Anyway, I finished them. Finally.

I am obsessed with these puzzles and to my knowledge have gotten all of the ones I could find (that I wanted). But I will still be checking puzzle sites every now and again to be sure there isn’t one that’s been missed or perhaps if a new set has come out.

I adore small puzzles – I am currently the owner of well over 50 Wentworth micro puzzles – and many other small puzzles that my fellow puzzle blogger from Russia and I call “One Coffee Puzzles”. They’re small and entertaining, and you can assemble one in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. These sets from Cra-Z-Art certainly fit the bill, even though they’re technically 500 piece puzzles altogether. Each set is usually between 12-18 small separate puzzles, and they’re so much fun to assemble!

I had such a good time last year with the Unicorn and Selfie sets. Not only did the assembly make me happy, writing up the posts for each of them was quite entertaining as well. They were each given fabulous names and elaborate backstories, and it was wonderful, silly fun. These shakes don’t seem to have much personality, so they’re going to have to remain unnamed – but never fear, I assembled a set with pretty kitties and they should let me get a little wild and crazy with the stories, perhaps later on this month. 😁

I have never in my life seen a shake this EXTRA. Dayum! It may just be me, but these seem like they’d be more fun to look at than to actually drink/eat. There’s too much froo-froo stuff getting in the way and taking up space in the shake. Are those banana candies? No thank you. I’m old and crochety and I just want a plain ol’ chocolate shake thank you very much.

The colors of this one are beautiful, and I think that may be a piece of cake on the backside of the glass. The little marshmallows are pretty though.

This one also looks like it has a piece of cake sitting on the top – my goodness this one is over the top! Toasted marshmallows, cake, candies, a peanut butter cup (?), caramel and whipped cream. That seems like a couple of days worth of calories in one “drink”.

Good thing I don’t want to actually have any of them, just wanted to put the pretty pictures together. That was plenty satisfying on it’s own.

7 thoughts on “Freak Shakes 1

  1. Penny Weiss

    Love them. My favorite is the pink / purple one, bit agree that I would rather have a plain ole jane tyoe of milkshake…just not chocolate based. These are too fancy for me to eat too.

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