Birds in Progress

Birds IP
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 500 pieces

Another 500 piece puzzle with separate shaped mini puzzles, this one is Birds. I didn’t want to do too many of these small shaped puzzles in a row, but needs must – sitting in my chair in front of my table just isn’t something I’m able to do at the moment; these puzzles are easy to do on trays or my white board while I’m in bed.

I also wanted to show you the colored backings; you can separate them by color so that you can put each group together or you can disregard the backing and just assemble them as a regular 500 piece puzzle using only colors and shapes.

The feedback on the previous sets (Cottages and Shoes) has been great, and I hope you don’t get too sick of them. I bought myself 6 new sets, and one of them has already been assembled, and….. Oh. My. Goodness. They’re so beautiful! They’re fun and interesting too; and more importantly they’re easy to do when sitting is too difficult for me.

This puzzle is different than most of the others in that instead of 12 mini puzzles there are 15 of them. Instead of four days of posts showing three puzzles each day there will be five days of posts. I hope everyone enjoys the pretty birds! 🦜🐦

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