Building Facades In Progress

Buildings IP
Building Facades by Iralu – Cardinal – 500 pieces

This particular puzzle from a family pack of twelve puzzles has seen me start and stop assembling it before. This is the third time I’ve started, and this time I’m finally going to get it done!

The quality of the 500 piece puzzles in this set is pretty bad, with thin pieces and a terrible fit. The finish is quite shiny as well, and causes quite a bit of glare. Those are the reasons for me starting this puzzle previously but then putting it away; I was NOT in the mood to deal with a bad quality puzzle before.

This time I feel myself being quite stubborn about it though, I really like the artwork and so I’m wanting to power through and get this one “done and dusted”, as they say. I’m not sure I can articulate why this time was the one and why I’ve got a bee in my bonnet to get this finished. I just know that’s how it’s going this time around.

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