Thank Goodness for the Puzzle Fairy!

woman wearing fairy costume

I received a fantastic present from The Puzzle Fairy yesterday, and it brought such a bright smile to my face – which is definitely what I needed at the end of a horrible week.

Yesterday The Puzzle Fairy took the guise of my sweet, kind puzzle pal Penny. She sent me a 300 piece puzzle with a gorgeous image of a Boston Terrier – it looks so much like my Buddy! 💗🐾

Guess which puzzle I’ll be doing next?

Anyone in your life that you could be The Puzzle Fairy for? I know I have a few gently used puzzles that I’ll be sending to a friend who loves jigsaw puzzles as much as I do; and there’s also a family member who might just have a puzzle at their door very soon. 🧚‍♀️

4 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for the Puzzle Fairy!

  1. Penny Weiss

    Awww so sweet. Thank you for the kind words! This puzzle screamed Stacey in three very distinct ways and why I knew immediately you had to have it. 1) It has a Boston in it (so duh!…lol); 2) it’s 300 pieces which is a good size so as not to be overwhelming; and 3) it has lots and lots of words to spell! Okay, so maybe they are in French, but still! LOL Enjoy every single piece my friend and just remember – Penny needs lots of pics! LOL

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  2. Sarah

    I have a stack of puzzles in my closet to deliver to my sisters. It’s so great to know someone well enough that you can tell which puzzles they would enjoy!

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