Ernest In Progress

Ernest IP
Ernest by Jeff Foxworthy – Cardinal – 300 pieces

Things are going slowly in the ongoing saga of Stacey and her meds, and unfortunately I have yet to get back to a larger puzzle. My plan was to start a 1000 or 2000 piece after finishing the Josephine Wall, but it just hasn’t worked out yet.

Normally my preference is to move around on piece counts; after I finish a small puzzle it’s time for a larger one, and vice versa. That hasn’t been what’s going on with me lately. I re-assembled another one of my sets of 12 shaped mini puzzles during this week in bed, but haven’t been able to get myself back to sitting at the puzzle table for any length of time.

My next puzzle did get partially sorted (while I was sitting in bed), and when I couldn’t sleep last night the edges finally got put together, and a little bit at the top.

I hope your weekend is a bit more productive than my week has been.

Happy puzzling! 🧩

4 thoughts on “Ernest In Progress

  1. robinheat

    Hope you get it all figured out on the meds front, and soon! Dealing with meds changes, or meds not working as well as they used to, or side effects – it’s all the worst.

    I go to a support group for my chronic condition, and it reminds me to be grateful for the times when the meds are working well. Some of my friends in the group have had to go through a lot more med combos or changes than I have.

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