Banana Split

Banana Split
Banana Split by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Ah, a puzzle from a good brand with an image by Aimee Stewart. My happy place. Beautiful, fun, not too easy – the perfect combination for puzzlers both new and seasoned. 💜

Because there are so many different items, colors, textures, and elements you don’t have to focus on the image as a whole when you begin assembling. When you’re turning pieces over, or sorting, or whatever you do when you start a puzzle you will see things that stand out to you. A tablespoon of sprinkles, the striped containers, waffle cones, words, etc.; and you can start small with whatever small image or section you choose. You don’t have to worry about dealing with it all at once like you do when you’re assembling a landscape where 1/3 of the image is the sky or water, etc.

Banana Split 1

This was the first thing I assembled, even before the words. I usually go for all the words first, but these pieces were so easy to pick out, and I was just inspired to start with them. It wasn’t as easy to assemble as it was to sort, but the strawberries certainly were fun! (And I missed a few of the green pieces which made it a little more of a challenge.)

Banana Split 2

The banana split in the middle of the image was the absolute hardest part for me, and pretty much the very last thing I assembled. With those bright colors you’d think it would have been much easier, but it definitely wasn’t – at least for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it though, I enjoyed it very much!

Banana Split 3

These cute little guys were so difficult to find and put together, almost all the pieces looked as if they belonged somewhere else – either that or I’m slipping a bit. No matter, I absolutely love the vintage look of them, they are so adorable!

I think I’m down to only one more Aimee Stewart puzzle here at home 😱 but it seems as though many of the puzzle manufacturers and retailers have been getting back to work and restocking, so perhaps I’ll be able to get myself a few more soon. I certainly hope so, only one more of her puzzles here to assemble just won’t do!

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