Songbirds In Progress

Songbirds IP
Stained Glass Songbirds by Ciro Marchetti – Buffalo – 500 pieces

This puzzle got started last night when I couldn’t sleep, but I made pretty good progress before I finally went back to bed. I’ve had this for quite a while now, but was never really in the right mood for it, but last night was the night!

It’s a thrift store purchase, and I was surprised to find that this puzzle was unopened – it was one that mom bought. An unopened puzzle at the thrift store is a treasure indeed, and mom was good at finding buried treasure within the shelves of the thrift store. 🙂

I was also surprised to see that this artwork was by Ciro Marchetti, I usually associate his name with fantasy images. It is beautiful though, like all of his artwork, and I’m hoping to get it finished sometime today if all goes well.

Happy puzzling today!

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