Follow Your Nose In Progress

Nose IP
Follow Your Nose – Buffalo – 300 pieces

So there was another puzzle sitting on my board waiting to be sorted and assembled, but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday or this morning. So, back to the pile it went to wait for another day – and now I’ve got this adorable little 300 piece on the board that makes me extremely happy to look at, and I hope happy to assemble too!

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for certain puzzles, and I’m trying to listen to my brain when I feel that way. I put pressure on myself occasionally to assemble a puzzle that “the readers will like”, forgetting that this blog is about the puzzles I choose to assemble. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I’m trying to do better. If I feel like putting together a bunch of very small piece count puzzles that’s what should show up here, even if many of my readers only put together larger puzzles.

Onward to a lot of adorable doggie faces! There’s quite a bit of fur along with lots of tongues and noses, but it is exactly the puzzle I want to be assembling right now. Even if it’s a little bit difficult it’ll be entertaining, and that’s what I’m looking for today. 🐶🐾🐕

10 thoughts on “Follow Your Nose In Progress

    1. I feel the same way. The sorting is the worst part for me, turning all the pieces up, etc. A lot of the time 1000 piece puzzles are just too much for me to even consider doing. But once I get through the sorting and get to the assembling I’m much more comfortable.

      It’s all about relaxing and enjoying the experience for me, that what puzzles are for!


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