Rufff Riders

Rufff Riders
Rufff Riders – Ceaco – 700 pieces

This was an unexpected find in a thrift store puzzle. Our local Goodwill sometimes overprices the puzzles, and a wonderful person who donated their puzzles added an extra puzzle in a few boxes. We bought 3 of them that each had a bonus puzzle inside – and this was one of the bonuses.

They included a side of the original box in a zippered plastic bag with all the pieces, so we even had a small picture of what the puzzle looks like! Even though we had to pay more than we wanted to for the puzzles, we got 3 free ones. 😎

This Ceaco puzzle wasn’t the best quality, but to be fair I have no idea how many times it had been assembled previously. There were quite a few tabs sticking up, and some image lift too. The fit was good though, and the image reproduction was too.

I love puzzles with puppies!

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