Atagoshita and Yabu Lane

Atagoshita and Yabu Lane
Atagoshita and Yabu Lane by Utagawa Hiroshige – Wentworth – 40 pieces

It’s hard to see the picture behind all the piece shapes on this one, but it was still a fun little puzzle to put together. I enjoy Asian images, and it’s a pity you can really see the beauty of the artwork.

I love having these micro puzzles around for when I want to do a quick puzzle and don’t have a lot of time to sit at the table, or for when I’m not feeling up to sitting there at all. These are the perfect size to work on in bed; I have trays lined with paper and can assemble a micro puzzle on them while still in bed, and even when I’m lying down.

Atagoshita whimsies

I love the whimsies for this one, the snowflake and flower are so pretty and the Asian themed ones are gorgeous.

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