Toy Story

Toy Story
Toy Story – Ceaco – 700 pieces

This one went quickly, but for some reason it wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d hoped – or it could be that it was my state of mind and had nothing at all to do with the puzzle itself. Sometimes I just can’t tell.

Toy Story 1

Buzz was the most fun to assemble for me, but he was a bit of a challenge. I assembled him first.

Toy Story 2

I love Woody’s face, he always seems so surprised and happy. Those legs are so skinny though, how do they hold him up?

Pop Art Princess

Pop Art Princess
Pop Art Princess – Ceaco – 700 pieces

This image was a blast to assemble, and I completed it in one day. It was many little sessions put together; but I couldn’t keep myself away from it. It was too much fun!

Pop Art Princess 1

This was the first section that I put together, both Ariel and the words “Your Voice”. Almost every part of this puzzle was not too hard and not too easy either – it was just right.

Pop Art Princess 2

Besides Snow White’s face, this whole section of the puzzle was the most difficult. The old hag’s face was pretty challenging, as was the word “Snow”. It was the last bit to be assembled, but I still had a great time and reveled in the assembly. So entertaining!