The Messenger

The Messenger
The Messenger by Kevin Sloan – Artifact – 313 pieces

Mom and I assembled this gorgeous puzzle together, and had a great time with it! Many thanks to Penny, my email pen pal and fellow puzzle blogger who sent this in a puzzle swap. We loved that we just got a bag of pieces with no image – that meant more fun for us!

I didn’t take a picture of the whimsies beforehand, but I did turn the puzzle over to see the outline of pieces from the back. It has odd coloration on the back though, and it’s difficult to make out all the shapes.

The Messenger 2

There were a bunch of turtle shapes, a globe, an alarm clock, what looks like a person standing in front of a fire, and in the center a small tableau with 2 elephants in front of a mountain range. I love the Roman numerals around the border too – I was so proud when I figured out that they would be in order around the edge! Our favorite though was the large multipiece turtle…

The Messenger 1

The irregular edge is supposed to look like the edges of books stacked on each other. It took me a bit to realize that the edges weren’t going to be straight. I was so absorbed in looking at the pieces and colors that I didn’t see that there weren’t straight edges!

Awesome puzzle, great quality, beautiful image!

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