Never Satisfied


I have a serious addiction. I’m almost done with my current puzzle, and I have PLENTY more to do here at home; but for some reason I’m itching to go find more. Thrift store or retail store – it doesn’t matter, new puzzles to choose from is what I want.

I can’t be the only irresponsible puzzler who does this, surely I am in good company. My fellow PADS posse members understand, don’t you?

12 thoughts on “Never Satisfied

  1. Anonymous

    Well jigsaw puzzles are a healthy addiction to have and at least you are open to going to thrift scores to get more so it’s not like you are putting a serious hurt on your wallet. There are way worse retail “addictions” to have.

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  2. I just checked, I have 234 puzzles that I haven’t completed… No wait, it’s 242 now, since I just picked up a lot of eight puzzles (7x 500 pieces, 1×250 pieces; there’s an old Heye in there, by Loup) for 15 EUR. At least I have two locations to supply with puzzles, that puts me in the same area of “over a 100” as you guys, right? Right?

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  3. Ellen LoGiudice

    So glad to see I’m not alone in this! Have over 60 puzzles in my stash. Some are thrift store purchases but most are not. Amazon Prime is my downfall! Dozens more in my “Save for Later” wish list. So happy to have this addiction!

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