Swiss Market Square

Swiss Market Square
Swiss Market Square – Victory – 200 pieces

My wonderfully sweet husband bought this for me as a surprise. I wish I could say I liked it, but I didn’t. Mom didn’t enjoy it either, we assembled it together. It’s an uninteresting image with a terribly loose fit – so loose that sometimes you couldn’t tell if the piece was correct or not because there is too much wiggle room; which is difficult for large areas of one color like the sky.

Victory is an old brand of wooden puzzle manufactured in the UK, and this is my first time giving them a try. I’m not a fan of the cut, except for the few whimsy pieces most of the rest are regular looking shapes. Most of the fun of wooden puzzles for me are the fantastically irregular and interesting shapes that using wood allows you to make. As I said, the fit was extremely loose as you can see in the picture below…

Swiss Market Square 1

I just pulled on the pieces and there’s this much play – it’s way too loose. I’m not making final judgement on the brand from this one puzzle; in fact hubby bought another one at the same time that I have yet to assemble. Perhaps that one will be a more interesting (to me) image and a less wobbly fit. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Perhaps the other Victory puzzle is what I should be doing today – I haven’t worked a puzzle in a week and I need to get back in the swing of things soon, my queue is down to only 2 puzzles left! 😱😱

*just remembered I have a few pictures in my phone of the last several puzzles I’ve completed so I do have a few more days leeway before I’m out of puzzles to post – thank goodness!*

4 thoughts on “Swiss Market Square

  1. I actually like this type of image just fine, even though it’s not that interesting. It’s like a formula: sky + house + vegetation + foreground (often grass or a river, here the street), applied in varying amounts 🙂

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