T’s General Store

T's General Store
T’s General Store by Joan Steiner – Ceaco – 550 pieces

This puzzle is called Trump’s General Store on the box, but I didn’t want that title on my blog – I’m sure you understand. I don’t talk politics on this blog, we’re all about jigsaw puzzles and puzzle people here – that’s it. For my purposes I’ve renamed the puzzle, and apparently so has Ceaco; it’s available for purchase now under the name “General Store”.

This was such a fun image to assemble, and it was fascinating how the tiny look-alikes were made for the photograph. A quick look at the image makes you think it’s just the inside of an old general store; but a more detailed inspection reveals that not much is what it seems to be at all.

There are 156 common items that fool the eye in this image: playing cards are ceiling tiles, checkerboards are floor tiles, bathtub stoppers are light fixtures, etc. To be honest I didn’t try to find them all, but it was fun to find things as it was being assembled that I hadn’t seen at first. I’d absolutely love to find more of Joan Steiner’s “Can You Find?” puzzles like this one. ❤ Here are my favorite look-alikes…

Cut crayons are substituted for deli meats, and the front of the deli case is a light switch cover…

T's General Store 1

A razor, paper fasteners and nail clippers as vacuums…

T's General Store 2

Grenade as a fireplace, cinnamon sticks as logs…

T's General Store 3

It’s an average Ceaco puzzle, not terrible but not great either. This puzzle was all about the image and seeing each element close up as you assemble it. I had a great time! Sometimes we find the most interesting puzzles at the thrift stores. 🙂

8 thoughts on “T’s General Store

  1. Ebony

    Have done it before & it was fun. Now I want to frame it and use it as a game,in which each player has to write down all they see. Maybe, over 10 mins, then we’ll all compare notes.

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi From New Zealand. I’ve just done this puzzle (again). I bought it several years ago from what we call an op shop (charity or thrift store) for only a few dollars, after having given away my original one that I bought new in the 1990’s. Happily the op shop version was complete – no missing pieces – which isn’t always the case with 2nd hand/op shop jigsaws. I too would love to know how it was originally created, with what, by whom. Guess I’ll keep Googling…


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