Inspiration Please!

I’m wallowing, I’ve been wallowing for more than a week now and have absolutely no ambition, energy, physical strength, or anything else I need to get out of bed and work on a puzzle.

In my head I want to puzzle, but then I’m lacking whatever else is needed to actually get up and do it. There’s a 500 piece puzzle that has been on the board for about a week now, and I just can’t seem to get my butt in there and finish the damn thing. It’s very pretty, a bit challenging, and has been fun so far – but the inspiration seems to have flown away from the Hummingbird Garden.


All nine hummingbirds are assembled, as are the flowers in both the upper and lower right corners. It’s more than halfway complete, putting it away now is just stupid. Besides, who says if I take this one down and start another that there’d be any more inspiration?  Sigh.

Ah well, today is Wednesday. Hump day. Maybe I’ll finally get over the hump and finish this one. Perhaps all I needed was to moan and complain about it to my PADS posse and get all that whining out of my system; here’s hoping!

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Please!

  1. Amy

    Hi Stacey, I hope you catch a spark soon. There is not alot worse than not being able to unwind and enjoy some puzzling. Sometimes it just gets the better of us all.

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    1. I’ve also never been tired of buying puzzles, although sometimes I wan’t a break from puzzling. Stacey, you could just take a break and do something else, read (or listen to) a book, for example. It’ll come back!

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      1. I’ve always enjoyed buying puzzles, but even that doesn’t interest me at the moment. I just have to get myself over this funk I’m in. I will eventually get there, just needed to whine for a bit I think. It did help though, because I finally finished the hummingbird puzzle yesterday. 🙂

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