Pardon? – Milton Bradley – 50 pieces

These puzzles weren’t named on the box. I’m naming them as I go, with titles that make me smile. I got a box with three kids puzzles at the thrift store, and I found these pieces at the bottom of the box; two of them were bagged, but this was just scattered at the bottom; that’s probably why there’s a missing piece.

The quality was fair, with a good fit and good enough thickness. I really do wish there were more kids puzzles with better quality, kids aren’t the only ones who put them together. Many times parents or other adults help children with their jigsaw puzzles, and everybody appreciates good quality.

In my head these are two best friend kitties, and it’s them against the world. They put up with zero nonsense, and can make you feel awful about yourself by saying nothing at all and giving you the look you see above. Pardon? Did you really just say that out loud?

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