What’s in Progress?

assorted puzzle game

I have no motivation at all this week. I’m working on a 500 piece Sunsout puzzle with lots of hummingbirds and flowers in the puzzle room, but to be honest it’s too much effort to get out of bed and take a picture of it. 😐

It’s not really the fault of the image, I’m just having a bad month so far. Mom found a Titantic puzzle that I was planning to have ready for April 15 (the day it sank), but I just couldn’t find the gumption to get it started. It’s an interesting image that I will eventually assemble, it just isn’t going to happen right now.

So what are you puzzling at the moment; something wonderfully bright and interesting, something difficult and frustrating? What’s on your board right now?

4 thoughts on “What’s in Progress?

  1. Amy

    Hi Stacey, I certainly understand a lack of gumption. When that happens to me, I just go with it…, no apologies. But I do hope you start feeling better soon. Great progress on the Educa Life puzzle here. Only first section, but keeping at it ;). Wanted to also mention thanks to your Mom for suggesting the relation scale on the pocket puzzles. Love them.

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  2. I’m sorry you’re having a bad month. I’ve hardly been puzzling at all this week, there’s a film festival on in Helsinki, and when you watch three movies after work three days in a row there’s not much energy left for puzzling 🙂

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