Pardon? – Milton Bradley – 50 pieces

These puzzles weren’t named on the box. I’m naming them as I go, with titles that make me smile. I got a box with three kids puzzles at the thrift store, and I found these pieces at the bottom of the box; two of them were bagged, but this was just scattered at the bottom; that’s probably why there’s a missing piece.

The quality was fair, with a good fit and good enough thickness. I really do wish there were more kids puzzles with better quality, kids aren’t the only ones who put them together. Many times parents or other adults help children with their jigsaw puzzles, and everybody appreciates good quality.

In my head these are two best friend kitties, and it’s them against the world. They put up with zero nonsense, and can make you feel awful about yourself by saying nothing at all and giving you the look you see above. Pardon? Did you really just say that out loud?

Found Love

Found Love
Found Love – Zen Puzzles – 49 pieces

I had the hardest time getting a good picture of this puzzle, it was constantly cockeyed and not level (there were at least 6 different tries to get a good one) – I think the meds and menopause are slowly braising my brain!

I love trying out new puzzles brands, no matter whether they’re cardboard or wooden (as long as they’re relatively affordable). I spent a bit of time in bed looking at/shopping for puzzles this month, and decided to give this brand a try, even though their pieces are more uniformly shaped than I like in a wooden puzzle. And while checking out all the pages on their site I found one of their Peapod (childrens) puzzles on sale, so of course I had to try one of those as well. I should absolutely NOT be left unsupervised with access to my debit card these days!

This adorable puzzle is by Zen Art & Design. They are beautifully made and I love the feel of their pieces – it’s almost silky – they feel lovely in your hand! They have quite a large catalog of images to choose from; composed mostly of nature, landscapes, and close-up photography. This might be the right company for you if you’re looking for a wooden puzzle but you’re not a fan of random or Victorian cut puzzles.

I love the dancing couple in the center!

Found Love back

It’s such a beautiful whimsy, but the rest of the pieces are so ho hum; I do wish they weren’t all so typical. I did know that going in, so there was no surprise, but I wanted to give this brand a try anyway. It was a fun little puzzle to assemble, and I’m glad I finally gave it a go. But I don’t think I’d buy any more puzzles than the two I purchased already. It’s only a personal preference, and not at all a reflection on their quality.

Found Love whimsy

This is a “teaser” puzzle, a small piece count and less expensive puzzle so you can try out the brand (or if you just enjoy small puzzles). The box is the size of a ring box, you could throw it in your purse or backpack and off you go!

It’s a lovely little puzzle, and I enjoyed putting it together.