Vintage Bicycle

Vintage Bicycle
Vintage Bicycle – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Normally photographic puzzles aren’t my thing, but this had such beautiful image reproduction and great quality – I couldn’t help but love it!

Ravensburger 300 piece puzzles are awesome quality, there’s something about the large pieces that helps you appreciate even more the fantastic chipboard and finish; I adore them. ❤

Buying them retail can be a bit pricey, so pretty much every one I’ve owned or assembled has been from a thrift store. It’s no big deal to pay $1.99 for one when you know that they’re six times as expensive purchased new. I do love a bargain.

I’m so grateful there are so many 300 piece puzzles out there to choose from for those of us with physical issues that make it difficult to sit for long periods or handle smaller pieces. Thankfully I live in Florida, the land of retirees, so there are plenty of 300 piece puzzles in the thrift stores around here for me find and enjoy. 🙂

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