Butterfly Bunny

Butterfly Bunny
Butterfly Bunny – Milton Bradley – 100 pieces

I love the butterfly “barrette” in the bunny’s hair, it’s too adorable! This was just a quick little puzzle that made me happy to assemble. As is sometimes the case with Milton Bradley puzzles it was only fair quality; I do wish jigsaw puzzles made for children were a little more sturdy. 😐

7 thoughts on “Butterfly Bunny

      1. It seems kind of random. Puzzle-offensive.de has just started selling New York Puzzle Company puzzles, and they had a sale on SunsOut puzzles. Perhaps swapping one American brand for another? Anyway, I would love to have MB puzzles, I quite liked them. Puzzles take up so much space that transporting them is probably expensive for merchants as well as for consumers. I used to order lots of DVDs from the USA, and shipping was usually quite reasonable, at least compared to puzzles.

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