Kitten Play

Kitten Play
Kitten Play by Olga – Ceaco – 550 pieces

Sorry about the wonky picture again, I’m having a tough time lately for some reason, I really should check the pic on my computer before I break the puzzle down; but I’m always so excited to get going on the next puzzle!

Kitten Play 3

I always start with the edges if I can, and luckily with Ceaco puzzles it’s easy to pick them out, there aren’t any fake edge pieces or ones you aren’t sure of.

Kitten Play 4

The pieces for the flowers, blanket, curtains, wall and wicker/baskets were pulled out on the initial sorting. I start with the pieces that “jump out” at me when I’m sorting. Sometimes by looking at the picture you’d think pieces for a certain area would be easy to find and pull, but it’s not always the case. I usually have a rough idea of what areas I’d like to start with, but it sometimes changes when I actually see the pieces.

Kitten Play 5

Being only 550 pieces (and also being relatively good at sorting 😉 ) I was able to assemble the majority of the puzzle from the pieces I sorted at the beginning.

The two portraits are too cute, and this the sweetest kitten face – I think it’s the blue eyes. 🙂

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