Paradise Found

Paradise Found
Paradise Found by Bill Drysdale – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

This was a quick and fun puzzle; not my normal image choice but I’ll give pretty much anything that’s a small piece count a try. 🙂

I don’t normally recommend Mega Puzzles for larger piece count puzzles, but the smaller counts are pretty darn good quality. The board is much thicker than I’ve found their 1000 piece puzzles to be, and there is more variety in piece shape as well. Many companies seem to go the extra mile for their 300 piece puzzles – perhaps because many seniors choose them because of the easier to handle pieces – and most people (erroneously) think that puzzling is mostly for old people.

It isn’t, of course, it’s for everyone – from the very young to the very old we can all benefit from the stress-reduction, peaceful meditative state, and many other wonderful health advantages that puzzling brings.


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