More Mystery Puzzles!


I bought a few more “mystery” puzzles on eBay in the past week. They’re all vintage wooden puzzles, and all a mystery as we have no idea what the images will be. 😎

The first one to arrive (some of the pieces are shown above) is amazingly cut; and although it isn’t as sturdy as our municipal building puzzle, the intricate almost coral-like cuts are definitely fun to work with and the fit is even tighter than the big puzzle! Mom and I finished it yesterday – 3 missing pieces and a few broken tabs – but I truly wasn’t disappointed, we enjoyed it very much! I’ll be posting about it when it comes up in the rotation.

2 more are on their way. One is complete (according to the seller), and the other looks to be cut by the same person as the municipal building puzzle. We’re not sure if the second one is complete, but we are very excited about working with pieces like that again and seeing what both images turn out to be!

I know, I’m a crazy person. But I’m adorable and fun too, so it all works out. 😇

10 thoughts on “More Mystery Puzzles!

    1. Perhaps, but I figure I’ve lived about 50 years usually thinking about everyone else first; being a wife, mother, daughter, etc. and taking care of others first and foremost. It’s time for me to think about what makes me happy for a change! So if I can afford it and it brings me joy, why not? I’m worth it. 😎

      And I’m still a huge fan of cardboard puzzles and assemble more of them than anything else. I say whatever you love, go for it!

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